Hello, I'm John Kenny

Qualified Relationship Coach & Therapist

Helping you to find what you want has become my passion in life.

My Why Story

I was asked why I decided to train as a coach and help people.

This brief video is my answer:

I have worked with thousands of clients for well over a decade, firstly as a counsellor and since 2012 as a Coach. I like to call my approach to helping others as Therapeutic Coaching.

Since 2016 I have focused on relationships as they influence your life in so many ways.

How you learnt to see relationships drives your thoughts, emotions and decisions, creating what type of people you attract into your life!

It was my unhealthy relationship with myself that led to me having continuously painful and maladapted relationships and my self-sabotaging behaviours, based on the unhealthy relationships I had in early life.

As a counsellor I learnt a lot about myself, but I realised that I hadn’t moved on despite what I knew. I embarked on a new career into coaching once I experienced how this can help to make positive changes.

Previously diverting my attention elsewhere, I realised that something was missing in my life,  I wanted to develop relationships of quality. And so began the wholesale changes within me and my connections.

The understanding I have gained on my journey, all of the study that went alongside it and personal change has led me to be able to work with clients to understand themselves and others, live with confidence and experience the best relationships possible.

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Why Relationship Coaching?

Coaching builds a partnership where you will achieve fulfilling results in your relationships.

My expertise is discovering the relationship that you have with yourself and others.

Understanding and improving this will positively impact on your ability to find the relationship that you want and need in your life.

Are you ready to discover everything that is possible, how to improve your confidence, success and happiness, enhance the quality of your daily life and finally overcome the struggles to finding the relationship you desire?

My approach is a fusion of coaching, counselling, psychology and neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

I combined these together after nearly fifteen years of working with clients as I believe it creates the most powerful and sustainable changes for you.

It is unique as it allows an understanding of the intricacies of you as an individual, how you work, and why you do or don’t do things in you life and at the same time giving you a deeper insight into the complexities of human behaviour.

You will not only learn to understand yourself, fulfil your dreams, achieve the goals and outcomes that you want, but also understand others, so that you decide how you want to feel around them.

Let’s discover what you want and how to get this in your life!

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"Now in control of my emotions"

Listen to Korina's story as she shares how she went from self-doubt, negative emotions to affirmations.

John has helped me turn my life around!!I was lost, stuck and still suffering from my marriage break up three years ago.John provided a space for me where I felt completely safe and supported. He made me see that all my feelings were valid and important. Then once I felt I had been heard and understood I was able to move forward.We then worked through lots of different techniques to build up my relationship with myself. This is not an easy part of the process but it definitely is the most rewarding. He made me realise that I am worthy of being loved again. I'm now back and living a life of purpose and feeling so much happier. Plus I know that if any hard times come up in my life John is only a phone call away. I am so grateful for all of your help and support. I would definitely recommend John to you as I know that you will feel amazing after seeing him!!

"Didn't judge me"

Steve had seen a few counsellors in his life and never had been able to trust anyone to help with his healing process.

John is an amazing life coach specialising in relationships. He has been instrumental in my ability to see why I do the things I do, he has assisted me to recognise that I need to love, value, appreciate and respect myself in order for others to do the same. The biggest impact for me was to be able to say that I am proud of myself and what I have achieved. This was something I never could have done without his support. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to make changes to their life.

The Relationship Guy Podcast

The Show About All Things Relationships

Listen to my Relationship Ramblings, where I will share my knowledge and experience of relationships, including: how they impact on your life, how to create healthy relationships, how to manage ones that aren’t so great and how to have a great relationship with you.

Great guests – Talking about the importance of relationships in their lives – their personal and business relationships – giving great advice and insights.

Coaching sessions – Live coaching with people one to one on the show – looking at a specific issue they need resolved (please contact me if you would like to appear and receive some coaching).

Case Studies – Client issues from the past and how these were resolved.

Listed in the Top Ten Relationship and Dating Podcasts in the UK and now recommended by BestPodcasts.co.uk in their Top 7 UK Podcasts for Dating & Love Advice

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