Signs You Have a Good Level of Self-Acceptance

It is 1997, I am on holiday in Tenerife and at a big gala type dinner and I win a prize in the raffle. I am called to the stage in front of around 300 people and the compere asks me my name. As I say it, I go red, feel flushed and hot. For […]

What is Happiness

Is there actually an answer to this question? In this episode I will talk about the topic as a whole and hopefully shed some light on what it looks like, feels like and how it can be attained.

Signs You are Unhappy in Your Relationship

When I coach people in creating and attracting the best types of relationships, we look at this complexity in order to understand how and why your relationships work out as they do and what leads to any issues that you encounter.

10 Ways to Build Dating Confidence

10 Ways to Build Dating Confidence

Working as a relationship coach, my primary expert area is helping people to understand why they attract certain types of people into their lives and how they can get themselves in a mindset that creates the types of relationships that they want.

How to Create Deeper Relationships

As human beings we have developed as a species to need, crave in early life to survive through connecting with others. People that we can trust, rely on, confide in and share of ourselves.

Scared of commitment

There are many reasons why you may be scared of committing to a relationship, mainly down to the attachment style you have (probably avoidant), your beliefs about relationships and your relationship with yourself.

The Importance of Human Touch

There are many reasons why people find physical closeness uncomfortable, generally from shutting down, pushing people away based on difficult earlier relationship experiences, where touch could have been a negative thing or was given and removed or just not given at all, that have led to them needing to keep their space safe

How to Spot a Narcissist

In this post, I am going to talk about, How to Spot a Narcissist and in some cases, it can be trickier than you would think! In general, a narcissist will aim to get you onside in order to facilitate their own needs. But in short, they make your life difficult if not unbearable. They will hide […]


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