Who Dates a Narcissist and Why?

In the last post on narcissism, I talked about the types if narcissist that exist, and here I am going to talk about why it can be difficult to identify a narcissist, why people have relationships with them and the type of person a narcissist will generally target. So, why doesn’t a narcissist seem like […]

Self Gaslighting

It is a term that has become commonplace in the media and is, in my opinion, used far too frequently to describe someone’s behaviour that can be seen as manipulative and controlling. That can be abusive enough in its own right, but gaslighting takes it to a whole new level.

Spontaneous and Responsive Desire

Learning which kind of desire you lean toward and which your partner leans toward, can help in creating a sex life that works for you both. Find out about the major types of desire so you know what category you may fall into.

Weaponized Incompetence

Do you find yourself saying – ‘Oh, just leave it then and I’ll do it’ or hearing things like – ‘You know you are better than me at doing that’ or that someone you know just never has the time to do the things they were supposed to do, ending up with you having to do it in the end?

Apology Languages

I’m sorry could be all that a person needs, but to others they can seem like just empty meaningless words that ensures, that to them, this problem is not dealt with.

The Pitfalls of Perfectionism

We are constantly looking for the faults, the things we aren’t happy with, rather than focusing on the good things and what we like about someone. There are several reasons that this could happen…

Building Boundaries

The Power of Setting Yourself Lines, You Won’t Let Others Cross What is like for you to say the word no? What is it like to hear it? Such a small little word, yet so very powerful. Does it bring up guilt? Make you feel strong? Nervous? All you are doing when saying no, is setting a […]

How Attachment Styles Influence Your Sex Life!

If you have read any other of my pieces or listened to my podcast interviews, you will have heard the term Attachment Style on a variety of occasions. The repeated exposure to your primary caregivers has an enormous influence on how you developed as a human being and, in some cases, can lead to what […]


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