Hypnotherapy can help you to make the changes in your life that at a conscious level you are finding difficult to do, for whatever reasons that are getting in your way.

We will do this by accessing your subconscious mind, where all of your deep learning and understanding takes place. Hypnosis takes your brain down to a slower rhythm, a rhythm it was at when we were children and learning lots of new things was essential to life and how to live it.

In our sessions you will be taken into a state of complete mental and physical relaxation, but with a heightened awareness. You will be fully aware of the things going on in the session, and willing to address the issues you need to in order to move on in your life. Although in a trance state you will always be in control.

With my support and expertise, you will feel completely safe and at ease as we move towards the resolutions and positive results you are looking for.


Issues I can Help with...

Smoking Cessation (Stop Smoking)

Virtual Gastric Band Fitment (Non-Surgical)

Past Life Regression Therapy

Hypnoanalysis (resolving issues from your past)

These issues can be resolved in one session of between 1-3 hours.
Please contact me to discuss the one off session prices, your needs and the best way forward for you.