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‘Forget Me Not – The Child You Left Behind’

As we grow up we learn to adapt and fit into our environment.

If parts of our personality don’t fit into this environment then we can leave these parts of us behind to get our own needs met and meet the needs of others.

As we grow up these parts of who we are can get lost within us, never brought to the fore, as they don’t serve a positive purpose.

They can end up being foreign, rejected and uncomfortable to experience. But they are part of who we are.

To live our happiest and most fulfilled life we need to be our authentic selves and accept all those constituent parts that make us who we are.

This documentary explores in detail the impact it can have on our lives, when we don’t allow ourselves to be whole.

Watch The Trailer

Such a fantastic documentary. This is one I will have to watch more than once as there really is so much to take from it. It has made me explore my own life and how I look at things and the relationship I have with my son…. and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is stuck or just wants to change the direction that their life is going in. Absolutely brilliant!!

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