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10 Things That Prevent People Getting Into a Healthy Intimate Relationship

Learn the top ten reasons why people find it difficult or are prevented from finding the type of relationship that they want – with a few solutions of how to put this right.

6 Tips To Keep Your Relationship Alive

Discover six tips for you to use if you feel like your relationship isn't quite what it used to be.

The Bicycle Affect

In this book, you will discover how your thoughts & emotions lead to reactions & consequences, allowing you to understand the path you are on and how to shape it.

5 Ways in 5 Days To Feel Happier

In this book, I will lay out five ways in which you can become a happier person over the course of 5 days. Take the step towards a happier life today!

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Six Things to Create a Healthier Happier Relationship

In this free video workshop, I will guide you through the six steps towards a healiher happier relationship.

Attachment Styles

In this free video workshop, I will guide you through the different attachment styles.
The Relationship Guy Podcast

The Show About All Things Relationships

Listen to my Relationship Ramblings, where I will share my knowledge and experience of relationships, including: how they impact on your life, how to create healthy relationships, how to manage ones that aren’t so great and how to have a great relationship with you.
Great guests – Talking about the importance of relationships in their lives – their personal and business relationships – giving great advice and insights.
Coaching sessions – Live coaching with people one to one on the show – looking at a specific issue they need resolved (please contact me if you would like to appear and receive some coaching).
Case Studies – Client issues from the past and how these were resolved.
Listed in the Top Ten Relationship and Dating Podcasts in the UK and now recommended by in their Top 7 UK Podcasts for Dating and Love Advice

The P.E.O.P.L.E. Programme

Our subconscious mind is in control of the majority of what we think and do.

Do you really know what yours is telling you?

We create our thoughts, we trigger our emotions, and this determines the ways in which we act and behave. How we react or respond leads to our outcomes, both positive and negative.

We all see things in our own way and act accordingly based on our perceptions and the meaning we give to events that have happened and will happen in our lives.

Most of us remain in the world of our subconscious, making choices and fulfilling needs based on the things that we learnt many years ago.

The most important relationship that we will ever have is the one that we have with ourselves: it drives the direction of our lives, and this book has been written to help you to understand what that relationship is.

Do you know where your thoughts come from? Why you feel like you do sometimes?

Why you act in certain ways when you know that you may want to act differently?

Is there a compulsion to do things in a way that leads you to the same outcomes over and over again?

What has been holding you back for all of these years from having the relationships that you want, from achieving in life when you know that you can, but it just never seems to happen the way it should?

This is the type of book that you don’t want to put down. You feel as though John is talking directly to “You”. If you want to really understand yourself and understand why you feel and react to ” those situations” in your life, then this book is an absolute must to personally develop yourself to a positive and peaceful place.
Des O'Connor

The P.E.O.P.L.E. Programme – Overcome Your Blocks to Success will not only help you to understand all of these things but will give you the tools to ensure you can overcome your blocks to success.

Come on a journey with me: see how I managed to change my life, and you can then live the life you choose.

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I have over 50 videos on my YouTube channel including recordings of my events, testimonies and all things coaching.

‘Forget Me Not – The Child You Left Behind’

As we grow up we learn to adapt and fit into our environment.

If parts of our personality don’t fit into this environment then we can leave these parts of us behind to get our own needs met and meet the needs of others.

As we grow up these parts of who we are can get lost within us, never brought to the fore, as they don’t serve a positive purpose.

They can end up being foreign, rejected and uncomfortable to experience. But they are part of who we are.

To live our happiest and most fulfilled life we need to be our authentic selves and accept all those constituent parts that make us who we are.

This documentary explores in detail the impact it can have on our lives, when we don’t allow ourselves to be whole.

Watch the Trailer Below

Such a fantastic documentary. This is one I will have to watch more than once as there really is so much to take from it. It has made me explore my own life and how I look at things and the relationship I have with my son…. and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is stuck or just wants to change the direction that their life is going in. Absolutely brilliant!!

It’s fantastic! Lots of information that is helpful and it leaves you wanting to know and do more!”

I loved this documentary because it made me smile, laugh and cry. It really hit home for me as there are so many thoughts that we never speak and now I feel like I can. Everyone needs to see this so they can understand how they feel sometimes. Thank you.


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