10 Things You Can Do to Change Your Life

1.Know what you want – one of the most common questions I ask my clients that gets an ‘I don’t know’ reply is ‘what do you want?’ We are driven by need and we need to know what we want, whether it is within your relationships, business, career etc…

2. Know why you want it – added to this is to understand why we want something. Again, if driven by need rather than want, you won’t ever be completely fulfilled. What is the purpose of doing what you are doing?

3. Believe – for something to be successful you need to believe in it – and believe in yourself to achieve it.

4. Plan – to reach your goals and outcomes it is important to know how you are going to get there and what steps you need to take. Make a plan that is broken down into small parts with a longer-term goal in mind. Small steps = Massive Results!

5. Be Grateful – take time out to appreciate things in your life. This could be something small but keeps you focused on the positive things in life.

6. Face Fears – okay, so a bit misleading. Fear is a concept set in your mind to keep you safe. But there is rarely anything to be scared of. It is just the meaning we give to things that creates fear – let it go/change the meaning and you will let yourself do so much more.

7. Act – you can’t change anything in your life without taking action. We can be immobilised by the above – fear – fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of uncertainty. Make a decision and carry it out.

8. Fail – yes fail – make mistakes – you will not get everything right in life. The important thing though is to learn from these. As the phrase goes ‘you win some, you learn some’.

9. Be Proud – take time to recognise your achievements, who you are as a person and reward yourself when you can. Feeling positive about yourself will drive you to get what you want.

10. Know Yourself – we all have a relationship with ourselves but rarely know what that is. How do you see yourself, what are your internal and external belief systems, your values and principles? Understanding these means that you can live freely, authentically and with acceptance of you. Change any outdated negatives and replace them with positives.

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