What is Narcissism?

Narcissists have a prominent place and the word is used so much more commonly as the awareness of its existence continues to grow.

Signs Someone Actually Likes You, and Some Things to be Aware of

There are signs that we notice, but others we can overlook. There are reasons why this may be the case and one of them is that you are subconsciously ignoring the signs as you are not ready to connect yet. They may even be stopping themselves from just saying it as they don’t really know […]

Top Five Predictors to a Healthy Relationship

As The Relationship Guy, it has become my main focus to try and help as many High Achievers as possible to find these quality relationships. So, what makes a relationship healthy and what is unhealthy?

What is Self-Actualisation?

The term ‘self-actualisation’ was first coined by Kurt Goldstein (a neurologist and psychiatrist). He characterised self-actualisation as a process of becoming a “self” that is holistic – that one’s self and environment make a greater whole.

A Little Secret That Can Improve Your Relationships

Being sensitive to the emotions of others can be extremely beneficial in relationships. It allows you a deeper understanding of how someone may be feeling, an empathic link that can create a deeper connection.


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